The Cloud: Privacy and Security Tips

No matter whether you use a desktop or cloud based system to store your data, it is never 100% safe from professional hackers.  However, the best cloud accounting software providers invest significantly in their security features so your data is likely to be far safer than on your desktop.


When you are talking about important and potential sensitive financial data it makes sense that you take precautions to ensure it stays safe.  Here we have identified 3 top tips to help keep your data safe in the clouds.


1. Make sure you are aware of how the user terms and agreement regarding your cloud service storage work.

While you’re still trying to figure out which cloud accounting software to use for your business, it would help to read the user agreement of the available software. It may be difficult to understand or boring, but going through them with consideration to your business’s needs is an absolute must. These documents, which usually suffer from insufficient attention, most likely contain the exact information that you need to answer your privacy concerns.


2. Take passwords seriously.

Did you know that approximately 90% of all passwords can be cracked within a few seconds? Most of all the hacker stories involve easy-to-create-and-remember passwords. Some even go as far as using one password for all the service they use. They don’t realise that this is actually a trap until it’s too late.

Make sure your password is not easily cracked – try customising every single password for every single service. Lastly, memorise your passwords. Having a list of them can give anyone easy access to sensitive information about your business.


3. Think before you upload

This pertains not just to protecting you and your business’s safety, but also the fluidity of the services the software can offer you. When you upload only the documents and information that are necessary, you can ensure that the software can easily focus on what needs to be analysed or stored. There won’t be any ambiguity regarding the files and how they’ll be stored or interpreted.

When you filter what you put up in the cloud, who can access that information, and what they can do with it, you can rest assured that you have done your part in protecting your privacy.


Users have to take control of their data and the manner in which they use their software. When things get too complicated or risky, remember that you chose to use cloud accounting software to assist you in managing your business better. Don’t settle for mediocre services because your business will not prosper with bad decision-making and insufficient research.


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