OMNIBUSiness Tax Planning Edition

May’s Federal Budget has been postponed but it’s still tax time.

We hope that you’re well and starting to develop strategies for your business to emerge from the COVID-19 coronavirus lockdowns reinvigorated!

Many of our clients have availed themselves of the opportunity of asking us to perform a wider range of duties over recent months – why not discuss with our team the broader range of services and support we offer to help you survive in your business beyond the end of government support in September?

Have you given serious consideration to the following for the new Financial Year:

  • Budgets and forecasts to 30 June 2021
  • Any additional bank funding required and assistance with loan applications
  • Government loans and subsidies

To allow yourself enough time to prepare a Budget, Cash Flow Forecast, Projected Balance Sheet, Business Plan or to scope out other opportunities so that your strategies are well-established prior to 30 September 2020, it is best to start this process now.

Our team can help you put pen to paper or work in a Virtual CFO role – it’s up to you. Timing-wise, the next few months offer significant opportunity to work on your business as we all know how long the planning and application process can be.

In time for the EOFY, we have collated a handy checklist that keeps you organised at tax time with straightforward summaries of what businesses and individuals should know. Go to our blog to read or download and let us know if you have any questions at all.

Our Subiaco office has re-opened. We are committed to providing a safe, clean and healthy workplace and we are happy to have client meetings in person or via Zoom, so let us know if you have any queries about your tax planning or business planning for the new financial year.