Effective cash flow forecasting

Actuals vs forecast and comparing ‘what if’ scenarios

A forecast helping you understand where your business is heading so you can move toward your objectives with success.

But if you don’t compare your progress against your original plan you could end up way off course with a potentially bad outcome.

Using comparisons within your cash flow plan allows you to compare actual results to your original plan or forecasting as the financial year progresses.

Now you can easily see how you are tracking and make timely adjustments to ensure you reach your objectives.

By using comparisons, you can also clearly show the outcome of different what if scenarios, comparing these side by side to see the impact upon your profit, equity and cash flow.

Take control of your journey by incorporating comparisons into your cash flow forecasting process.

Visibility and analysis are helpful when discussing the future of your business. We can enhance your cash flow forecast reporting so you can compare actuals to forecast as well as comparing various ‘what if’ scenarios. Call Omnis Group Business Accountants in Perth on 08 9380 3555 and be financially well organised.