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I am a bit of a cricket tragic

And, like a lot of Aussies, I was glued to the television on “that” Sunday as Australia were beaten by a plucky England a Headingley.

Right before me one man was changing the course of the game and ultimately changing history whilst going down in cricket folklore.
I assume a lot of you, like me, were absolutely astounded by the desire, conviction and focus shown by England on that day.
It made me think about how entrepreneurs and business owners go about what we do!
We all just take it for granted that these business owners are just doing what they do. Trying to make ends meet, earning for our families and endeavouring to live out our dreams.
When you think about it, it actually isn’t like that!

Every business owner is out there trying to change the path they are destined and in some instances create a product that will touch many.

The enormity of trying to live out this business dream sometimes comes at a cost. We can lose sight of what we set out to achieve but we need to remain focused, get back on track to ensure we change our own course of history.
By the way, my lovely wife Donna and our daughters surprised me by buying me tickets to Old Trafford and within days I was on a plane to the UK, staying with a good friend and his family at a beautiful village just outside of Manchester.
Five days of test cricket in between rain delays and bad light an individual and a team was changing the course of history.
The whole event was gripping and it came down to the last hour of 5 days of sporting battle.
Just like the Sunday two weeks earlier, a team of determined sportsmen changed the course of history yet again.
We all need to make sure we take the time to reflect, understand our path and let’s endeavour to change the course of our own history.
When my family gave me this opportunity they gave me a life experience that I will never forget and I thank them very much.

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