Perth’s Omnis Group smashes $1M challenge

Starting 1 July 2016 Perth Accountants and Financial Planners announced to the market that we would add $1 million to our clients’ bottom lines during the financial year.

On 30 June 2017 Omnis Group recorded a final staggering result of $1.435 million in business performance and profit improvements for clients!

“We had some really decent wins in there,” says Managing Director Justin Flavel. “Our pledge was to make a difference to the businesses we deal with and we exceeded all targets.”

One major win for a client was simply down to Omnis Group’s keen eye for due diligence when working with a brand new client.

“A trauma claim that was missed by previous advisers netted our client an insurance payout of more than half a million dollars, once we sorted through the paperwork and identified a genuine case.”

“Another new client who is a subsidiary of an international firm was facing a six-figure tax liability after turning a significant profit,” says Justin. “When their accountant wasn’t interested, we were able to help them reduce their tax bill by half by implementing tax strategies.”

Effective tax planning featured heavily during the $1M challenge.

“We make sure our clients are ready for 30 June and know their position in advance by implementing a range of strategies and investing time in an effort to get to the point where we can ensure transactions are done before each financial year end so our clients get the right outcomes.”

Refinancing opportunities also contributed towards Omnis Group’s target.

“Reviewing someone’s debt position or current lending portfolio often gives an opportunity to identify where savings can be made on loans,” says Justin. “We work closely with our Finance Broker to make sure we keep an eye on our clients on a regular basis and that’s where we helped them to save interest in excess of $350,000 during the challenge.”

With the first challenge under our belts, Omnis Group doesn’t plan much downtime before devising the next one, so watch this space for what shape that will take in 2018.

“Thanks to all our clients who took part and allowed us to be more than just accountants,” added Justin.

If you’d like to generate improvements in your business or personal financial affairs, contact Omnis Group to make sure you get involved sooner rather than later.

Read more about our inaugural challenge here or call Omnis Group on 08 9380 3555 to find out how we can help your business.

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