JobKeeper declaration due 14 June

June JobKeeper deadline

Businesses that have enrolled in the JobKeeper Scheme and identified their eligible employees are reminded that they will need to make a monthly declaration to the ATO to ensure they continue to receive JobKeeper payments.

The monthly declaration must be made by the 14th day of each month to claim JobKeeper payments for the previous month.

As part of the declaration, businesses will need to:

  • ensure they have paid their eligible employees at least $1,500 (before tax) in each
    JobKeeper fortnight they are claiming for;
  • re-confirm their eligible employees, including notifying if an eligible employee has changed or left employment; and
  • provide the current and projected GST turnover of the business – note, this is not a retest of the eligibility of the business.

For example, to claim JobKeeper payments for the May 2020 JobKeeper fortnights, businesses must report their GST turnover for the month of May 2020 as well as their projected GST turnover for the month of June 2020 by 14 June 2020.

The monthly declaration can be lodged through the ATO business portal or through STP-enabled software. Alternatively, tax agents can assist clients by lodging the monthly declaration on behalf of registered clients.

The team at Omnis Group can assist with the enrolment and application process or you can apply via the Business Portal. If you would like our Business Accountants to process your enrolment and application for the JobKeeper payment (which includes the assessment of whether you are an Eligible Employer and maintaining a record so that if the ATO reviews your application, you have support) on your behalf you will be invoiced. For any JobKeeper queries, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team of Business Accountants in Perth on 08 9380 3555.

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