Cashflow Planning


Don’t be just a statistic!


Cash flow refers to the amount of cash within your business. It does not include sales not made nor money owed. But these kinds of cash flow problems are reasons why over 90% of businesses fail.


Proper cash flow planning and managing can make running your business less stressful. It also ensures you don’t become just a statistic.


Omnis Group can help you manage and improve your cash flow, forecast, and budget for the future. At the same time, it ensures you have the best chance to succeed.


We can also assist you in reviewing your stock levels, payment terms, and invoicing processes. All to make sure you are getting money in as quickly as possible.


The inside information we have on other businesses can provide you with insight and ideas on cash flow forecasts you might have not thought of before.


If cash flow is an issue for your business, or if you want assurance that it never becomes a problem, call us today. We can meet up for a no obligation business review.


If we are the sort of Business Accountants that you want on your side, contact us at 9380 3555. Or request an appointment with us!