Financial Accounts are you financial statements made up of your balance sheet, profit and loss statement and cash flow statement.  They are basically a summary of your business transactions over the previous year and help to provide an accurate picture if your businesses financial position and performance.


These statements are a legal requirement for some businesses and many just produce them to meet their obligations, however these documents when understood and analysed correctly can provide you with valuable insight into your business, potential issues and opportunities.


Adding value to your business

Here at Omnis group, we specialising at providing you with this valuable information and insight and charge no extra to do this.  We believe that this is part of our role as Business Accountants.  Upon completion of these documents we arrange a meeting to sit down with you and explain your financial data in plain English, avoiding all the usual jargon and financial mumbo jumbo.


We also go as far as producing a FREE full 3 year profit and performance review and analysis on your financial statements.  This is great at identify trends within your business and helping to make projections about your businesses future.  It also then allows us to show you potential issues as well as opportunities, allowing you to improve your business results in future years.


Get value from you accounts for the same or less than you pay for simple lodgement elsewhere.


We promise to match or beat your current accounting fee plus provide you with more services! Call us today 08 9380 3555 and see how we can assist you understand your businesses financials.