Perth dentist case study

Financial Planning expertise adds polish to Perth dentist’s affairs

Shelley’s experience was like many others when it came to organising her personal affairs.

She’d found a financial adviser with whom she worked well but, when he inevitably left for greener pastures, she was offered a litany of replacements that changed too frequently for her liking.

But tenacious Shelley wasn’t put off. She tracked down her former adviser and resumed the relationship.

Cue Daniel Morcombe at Omnis Financial Planning. Shelley is a sole practitioner dentist in Perth so she’s got her peace of mind back.

“Daniel deals with all my superannuation, life insurance, TPD and business insurance so if anything happens and I’m incapable of going into the office, it’s taken care of,” says Shelley.

“I’m very organised and thought I had everything well in hand, but Daniel urged me to sort out things like my Will that I would’ve let go through to the keeper.”

“I’m always asking for advice,” says Shelley. “I’m good at what I do but not the financials, so I need help with all of that.”

Shelley says Daniel is certainly extraordinarily patient.

“I’m not accepting of things at face value and want to understand better than I do and Daniel accommodates me. Most of the time I agree with his advice, but sometimes I want to know more by doing my own due diligence and thinking critically for myself.”

When Shelley started working with Daniel, she outlined the goals she had in mind, which they revisit regularly.

“The moment I met Daniel, he said my ideas were not ridiculous and that everybody’s different,” says Shelley. “He reassured me that we all have the ability to accomplish what we set out to achieve.”

Shelley no longer has nagging doubts about being financially disorganised.

“I have worked my entire life but always worried that I might not be financially fine,” says Shelley. “What’s good now is that I’m in a position to have certainty and Daniel has been great at helping get me there and has been insanely patient throughout the eight years we’ve been working together.”

“Daniel helps me to plan, set budgets and reassures me when the wheels start turning, from purchasing and renovating property to holidays, travel and even planning for retirement.”

Omnis Financial Planning has assisted Shelley with all facets of her personal finances and put in place measures to protect her family and her business.

“If something did happen tomorrow it’s not a disaster area and I wouldn’t be leaving a mess for my kids,” Shelley added.

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