Getting the margin scheme right

The margin scheme may allow a property owner to pay less GST when they sell the property

Rather than paying 1/11th of the total sale price, sellers may be able to pay 1/11th of their margin on the sale.

If a property owner wants to use the margin scheme when selling property, they must be eligible before the property is offered for sale.

This may be where they’re selling new property as part of their business and they’re registered for GST.

Importantly, among other criteria, there must be a written agreement before settlement between the supplier and purchaser to use the margin scheme — this could be part of the contract.

To avoid the common errors suppliers make when selling property using the margin scheme, the ATO is reminding suppliers that they must also:

  • calculate the margin correctly; and
  • report the amount of the margin on the sale on their BAS — not the full amount of payment received.

Also remember that, when someone purchases property using the margin scheme, they:

  • can’t claim GST credits for the sale; and
  • don’t report it on their activity statement

We can help determine your eligibility and also calculate the margin. Read more about how Omnis Group works with the Australian real estate sector at