Start with the end game in mind to maximise your success!


Omnis Group is an Accounting firm in Perth that knows how exciting starting a business can be! It can provide you with a better income, more freedom, and a better lifestyle. But without careful planning and research in the early stages, it can also cost you a lot of money and be more stressful and difficult than you could ever imagine.

We specialise in helping new businesses get set up and can guide you through the maze of business name registration, business structure, accounting systems etc.  You name it we are sure to be able to help.

There are so many different aspects for you to consider when you’re starting out.

  • What product or service will you offer?
  • How much will you charge for your product and services?
  • How should you structure your business?
  • What are the tax implications?
  • What insurance plans will you need?
  • What sort of market research will you need to do?
  • What is your breakeven point? – How much do you need to sell to cover your costs?
  • How will you raise finance to start off your business?


This can be extremely overwhelming. But don’t let this put you off though! We can assist you every step of the way and maximise your chances of success.


If you have a great business idea and are thinking of starting up your own business, why not call us today at 1800 99 66 90? We can catch up and have a confidential chat over coffee. We can be your go-to accounting firm in Perth. We’ll go through the process with you, and give you some guidance as to where you need to start.



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  • Your real time business data at your fingertips — anytime, anywhere
  • Plain English translation of your numbers
  • Proactive monitoring of your results
  • Enquiries responded to within 24 hours
  • Unlimited phone support at no additional cost
  • Practical solutions to drive results
  • Upfront pricing and fixed price plans with monthly payment options — no nasty surprises