Keep The End Game In Mind!

Succession Planning or creating an exit strategy is the process of planning how the business will run when you are no longer there at the helm. Whether it’s through retirement, ill health or through selling the business, if it is to continue without you, you need to have made plans and established systems and procedures to make this possible.

So whether you are just starting out in Business, in the exciting growth phase or have an established successful business, you can be sure that blood, sweat and tears have going into your business.  So have you given the necessary consideration to your Exit Strategy or Succession plan?

Start with the end game in mind

This is something astute business owners do.  Before they go too far into a business venture, they are already thinking what they need to do to exit the business.  This ensures they set up the business with the right systems and processes so they can sell it as a going concern.  Having an exit strategy is crucial if you want to make the most of the valuable equity you have already built up.

Without some sort of plan in place without you there your business could simple close.  All those years of hard work for nothing, plus what will your family do if they have been relying on the business for an income.

So don’t leave your family’s and businesses future in the hands of fate.  Speak to us today and we can help you create a workable plan to ensure you get maximum value from all your years of hard work.

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We may not be the right business accountant for you, you may not like us, so take this opportunity to meet us and you can then judge for yourself.  After all, you have nothing to lose from meeting with us.  Even if you choose not to work with us you walk away with great ideas help to solve your biggest financial problems, it’s a win-win opportunity for you.

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5 reasons to choose Omnis group as your business accountant!

Translate your numbers

We don’t just lodge your financial statements or tax returns we take the time to meet with you to explain your numbers in plain English, what they mean for you and your business and what you can do to improve them in the future.

More than just the numbers

As well as your financial statements and tax returns we also, at no additional cost, provide you with proactive advice and guidance. We undertake a 3 year financial review so we can analyse the trends in your numbers, highlighting potential issues and opportunities and talk these through with you.

Unlimited communication

We provide all our clients with free unlimited communication, as well as regular meetings, so if you need a quick bit of advice or need to ask a question, you can just call us without having to worry about a big bill.

Upfront, fixed fees

We provide you with an upfront, fixed quote for your work, so you know exactly how much it will cost—no nasty surprises.

24 hour response guarantee

We appreciate that as a business owner, when you need information you need it now, so we have a 24 hour response guarantee. If you call or email a query, we will be in touch within 24 hours with a response. You also have a dedicated Accountant for whom you have their mobile number and can call, even if it’s outside standard business hours.