Tax Planning


We can help you pay less tax!


No one really likes paying their taxes. But everyone knows that it’s one of the things in life that you can’t neglect.


Like the old saying, “the only things in life you can guarantee are death and taxes.”


But why pay a cent more than you have to?


With just a bit of advanced planning and forethought, you can save your business thousands in tax. And all this is completely legal!


Our tax system is one of the most complex in the world. So, to make sure you are taking full advantage of every opportunity there is in saving on the amount of tax you pay, you will need great advice from experts.


Omnis Group’s in-depth understanding of the tax system means we can provide you with useful advice on how to set up your business and finances. With our help, you can effectively and legitimately minimise your tax.


We are here to help with the basics. Such as:


  • Prepare activity statements
  • Ensure GST and FBT requirements are properly taken care of
  • Advise on tax payments
  • Advise and assist with the setup of effective trust structures
  • Help with managing any disputes or audits by the Australian Tax Office




We can also help you with tax planning to ensure you undertake the right processes at the right time. All these to save you $$$ in potential tax.

Don’t delay! Contact us today at 9380 3555, and let us help you save money!