Customize Organization Details


Before you start invoicing customers in Xero, make sure your organization details will display how you want them to.

Organization settings can be found in the ‘Settings’ menu, under ‘General Settings’.

You can choose to switch on a public profile so you can promote your business online using Xero’s business directory – it’s optional and turned off by default.

Next, make sure your basic information and contact details are complete, including postal and physical addresses. You can also add additional contact fields, including social media links for your business. That way, these social media links will appear on online invoices when they’re sent to your customers. It’s a great way to extend the reach of your social media marketing! Once you’re happy with the details, simply click ‘Save’.

All you need to do now is make sure you’ve uploaded our business logo to your invoice and add a payment service, so your customers can easily pay you online. Check out more videos in this series to learn how!