Customize Your Invoice


t’s easy to customize your invoices in Xero – simply upload your business logo and applying a few touches so it’s branded to your business.

You can create several different layouts as needed, which you can select from when creating the invoice. We call these ‘invoice themes’.
Standard themes work from a beautifully designed templates and all you need to do is upload your logo and perhaps make a few small adjustments to suit.

When you edit the theme, you can put in a standard footer message. You can also adjust margins or invoice titles, or turn on or off things like the quantity and unit price columns.

There’s several customization options you can adjust to suit the way you’ll be invoicing your customers. The ‘Default Settings’ button is where you set the default due dates when entering invoices.

Use ‘Automatic Sequencing’ to change the starting point of your invoice or purchase order number sequence.

‘Show Outstanding Bills’ enables your customers to click through the online invoices you send them to view and pay the rest of the outstanding bills they have with you.

From the ‘Payment Services’ button, you can choose from a growing list of payment services we support., like PayPal – giving your customers the added convenience of paying by credit card. This will enable the ‘Pay Now’ button on the online invoices you send to your customers – we have a video to show you how to set this up.

Xero is designed so you can start invoicing straight away, without having to spend hours customizing your invoice forms – while still giving you the flexibility to achieve the look and feel that you want.