Complete BAS Statement Preparation and Lodgement!

BAS stands for Business Activity Statements and are a legal requirement for all businesses who are registered for GST.  It is a quarterly reporting process whereby you report how much your business has sold, for what amount and how much GST you have charged and collected vs how much GST your business has spent on good and services.

Basically it deducts the amount of GST you have paid from the amount of GST you have collected to show whether you owe GST or are due a refund.

Depending on your business, this can be a fairly complex process and many businesses prefer to leave it up to their accountant to manage, this ensures that they don’t miss receiving any GST deductions and avoid ever missing their BAS statement lodgement and receiving a fine.

Why use an accountant to lodge your tax returns:

  • As with lodging your tax return, by using an accountant to prepare and lodge your BAS Statement you receive extra time to lodge and make payment.
  • An Accountant will remind you of all the potential things you can claim as business expenses ensuring you don’t miss anything out.

Let us manage your BAS activity so you know it’s correct and submitted on time, giving you one less thing for you to worry about! 

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At the Review you will receive;

  • 3 proven and easy to apply strategies which could add hundreds (even thousands) of $$$ to your business
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  • Discover how you can maximise your efficiency, review, monitor and manage your business at the touch of a button, anytime, anywhere from any device.

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5 reasons to choose Omnis group as your business accountant!

Translate your numbers

We don’t just lodge your financial statements or tax returns we take the time to meet with you to explain your numbers in plain English, what they mean for you and your business and what you can do to improve them in the future.

More than just the numbers

As well as your financial statements and tax returns we also, at no additional cost, provide you with proactive advice and guidance. We undertake a 3 year financial review so we can analyse the trends in your numbers, highlighting potential issues and opportunities and talk these through with you.

Unlimited communication

We provide all our clients with free unlimited communication, as well as regular meetings, so if you need a quick bit of advice or need to ask a question, you can just call us without having to worry about a big bill.

Upfront, fixed fees

We provide you with an upfront, fixed quote for your work, so you know exactly how much it will cost—no nasty surprises.

24 hour response guarantee

We appreciate that as a business owner, when you need information you need it now, so we have a 24 hour response guarantee. If you call or email a query, we will be in touch within 24 hours with a response. You also have a dedicated Accountant for whom you have their mobile number and can call, even if it’s outside standard business hours.