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Health professionals' needs are different

Is a long, rewarding career helping Australians to stay healthy in your sights?

Omnis Group HealthIf so, you’ll also require a tailored, strategic financial plan that can be adjusted over the course of your career: one that goes beyond complying with tax regulation and, rather, focuses on business and personal wealth management.

Appointing an accountant for personal and business matters is increasingly becoming the norm for Australian health professionals.

Professional health consultants are often heavily invested in patients, so can benefit from a project manager who develops tailored tax and investment structures that minimises tax and protects hard-earned assets.

The specialist team at Omnis Group supports health professionals with unique understanding of the industry to provide business insight plus financial strategy that delivers peace of mind and builds wealth during their career and into retirement.

Omnis Financial Health Care Plan for health professionals

When it comes to planning your future, it’s likely you’ll have more than just money to invest.

Financial Planning takes your professional and business success and transfers it to you and your family on a personal level.  

It is up to you how much you invest and how much you outsource and seek help with. We lay down the process so it’s easy to follow and you get your appropriate structures in place to optimise your Return on Success©, starting by establishing goals, formally planning, managing cash flow, protecting assets and seeking opportunities to build passive income. We then help keep you on track with regular reviews to refine or adjust planning as your life (and industry) changes.

Gain better control of your finances

We hear a lot of professionals ask, “Where does all my money go?”

Cash flow management (or budgeting) underpins any sound financial plan. Before you set any goals, we need to understand where your money is going and what you can afford to put towards those goals.

This applies when you are young, want to buy a house and are saving, right through to when you are planning for retirement. We grasp how much money you need to live on to calculate how much to save. Once you have a personal cash flow plan in place, you’ll feel in financial control. It gives you the freedom to enjoy more being mindful of your financial position.

You are your biggest asset

Being a health practitioner, you are probably treating patients who need rehabilitation. But what if the shoe was on the other foot? What impact would it have on your own life if you could no longer practise due to unforeseen circumstances?

Whilst having insurance gives you security to know that if you cannot work your bills will be paid, and you and your family will be looked after, passive income is income you continue to receive that does not need your physical exertion. Having passive income might also mean less insurance is needed!

Insurance gives you choice. But having a tailored business and personal financial plan gives you an overall path, of which insurance is only a small part.

How does Omnis Group support health professionals?

Omnis Group is positioned to help Australian health professionals who want to breathe fresh life into their business with performance management and continual support, to review targets and find the numbers that sit behind them to optimise success as it can be difficult doing it alone.

We take a collaborative approach

When you work with the Omnis Group Health team we are working in the background to make sure your plan is unfolding, even when you’re busy focusing on patients, business and family. We do that by helping you adopt cloud and other contemporary technologies including Xero, SuperMate and MyProsperity to allow us to dig deeper and subsequently generate more meaningful financial analysis you can get your teeth into, over and above ATO regulation.

Call us in Perth today on 08 9350 8555 or read more about how the Omnis Team can help.

Click here for Justin Flavel’s healthcare sector capability statement.


In this environment we have the flexibility to innovate and change direction in a way you can’t in a big law firm. We don’t have that problem, so we have created a business that is different culturally in how we organise ourselves, which marries with Justin’s services and makes for greater efficiency. We can adopt Justin’s recommendations very quickly in a way that you can’t in a large firm. We’re using technology more than most in our profession – with Justin’s advice we continually explore ways to improve our business and invest in key areas. Strategic advice is good for our business to monitor and track where we’re heading. Justin can be frankly honest if you’re not performing which is a good thing. You need people to tell you the way it is. From my experience, I would definitely recommend Justin and Omnis Group. Justin is well supported by a network of other professionals so he thinks laterally about how his services can be provided to assist us and takes the trouble to really understand our business. Read more
Glen McLeod , Glen McLeod Legal
Glen McLeod
Omnis Group listened. They spent the time getting to know our business, what we wanted, what we needed and restructured our business reporting so that it became useful and timely, rather than just figures printed out for the ATO every quarter. The best thing about working with Omnis Group is that they understand how our desire to achieve a work-life balance guides our end goals. We feel in more control, no surprises. I now have confidence in our position and in our ability to make informed decisions. Justin and the team have an unparalleled ability to listen and provide solid, practical and timely advice. Omnis Group really understands and supports us and our health business. Read more
Elle , Registered Nurse and Medical Practice Manager
Omnis Group Health
Turfmaster Facility Management sought a change of accounting practice in 2001. After looking at many accounting practices of varied sizes, our directors settled on Omnis Group. On introduction to Justin our directors believed we had found an accountant with the same drive and determination to service his clients as we had. Together, we have both grown and evolved our businesses into proactive, service driven, value for money entities. With a friendly and professional approach, Justin has contributed greatly in the ongoing success of our business with his ability to assist our administration staff as well as providing up to date strategic tax planning advice at a company and personal level. We hope that our association will continue for many years to come as our businesses continue to prosper.
Brett Johnson , Director
Our company manages approximately 30 employees and contractors in a range of roles. We spend time researching and choosing those whom best meet our requirements of both trustworthy and reliable service to our business. A few earn our complete respect. Omnis Group is definitely one of them. Omnis Group oversees a range of responsibilities including cash flow control and general financial management. I also regularly discuss day to day matters with Justin and "bounce around ideas". During our past 3 years working with Omnis Group our business has strengthened financially and I feel relaxed knowing they are involved with our fiscal control. Justin and his team are a talented and trustworthy company and have our highest recommendation.
Charlie Ball , Owner
Before selling mum’s house I was still doing it mostly myself, but I couldn’t have done it as well without Omnis Group. I’m only interested in helping my family and Omnis Group have made it easy for us to get good results. They’re also great fun. Daniel keeps in touch with us all the time and looks after things. The ladies who look after reception are also great to deal with so I’m as happy as I can be. I always recommend Omnis Group whenever anybody asks. Read more
Ross Hutchinson , Happily Retired
The moment I met Daniel, he said my ideas were not ridiculous and that everybody’s different. He reassured me that we all have the ability to accomplish what we set out to achieve. I have worked my entire life but always worried that I might not be financially fine. What’s good now is that I’m in a position to have certainty and Daniel has been great at helping get me there and has been insanely patient throughout the eight years we’ve been working together. Daniel helps me to plan, set budgets and reassures me when the wheels start turning, from purchasing and renovating property to holidays, travel and even planning for retirement. Read more
Shelley , Dentist

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