Our focus is to provide you with a robust plan as to how you are going to achieve you personal goals what ever they may be.  Whether you want to ensure you can retire in comfort, enjoy that dream holiday or save thousands in interest charges on your mortgage, we can show you the way.

our process for delivering this service is detailed below;

Step 1 – Discover meeting

This is where we take the time to get to know you, understand what your financial goals are and what drives these.  We also use this time to collect the important information about you we need in order to develop a robust achievable plan for you.  There is no charge for this meeting, it is all about getting to know each other, how we can work moving forward and if we can assist you achieve your goals. During this meeting we will also outline the fees involved  in working with us both for the initial advice and ongoing management of your personal financial planing.


Step 2 – Strategy and Proposal meeting

Following the initial meeting we will go away and do some research into the best way to assist you in achieving your financial goals, how it would work for your specific financial circumstances and any other areas that need to be taken into account.  Once we have identified the best way to assist you we will put together a robust plan and then meet with you to outline what we can assist you to achieve, the fees involved in delivering the advice, managing it throughout the year and how you would like to work with us moving forward.


Step 3 – Implementation

Once you are comfortable with our proposal we will then meet to Implement your Plan. Depending on the complexity, your priorities, and the amount of work, we many need to implement you plan in several stages and over several meetings.


Step 4 – Regular Progress Meetings

Once the plan is established we will meet for Regular Progress Meetings to keep you on track.  We can also address any issues as they arise and if necessary adapt the plan to take account of any changes in your circumstances.  We will work with you over the long term to maximise your financial success, as markets change, as legislation changes, as better products and services become available and as your financial life evolves.