Running a business can be a very lonely place.  You have so many competing priorities to focus on and it can become overwhelming.  When this happened it can be easy to make bad decisions and simply relying on friends and family for free advice can be costly.


Have they ever improved a businesses profitability?  Reduced costs, improved performance or prevented it going broke?


Sure they will all give you advice and their opinion on what to do, but it won’t be based upon experience, facts and an understanding of your numbers.


A good accountant will be there for  you to help guide you, answer questions and provide professional advice based upon understanding and experience.  This can be the difference between your business surviving and thriving.


A good accountant will also work with you to implement systems and processes that will reduce your cost of compliance and empower you to run your business.


Your business is your livelihood, how you plan to look after your family and achieve your financial goals, surely this is worth investing in.


A summary of how a good accountant will help you!

  1. Save you money.
  2. Reduce the stress of having to worry about cash flow and taxes.
  3. Identify opportunities for improving your business.
  4. Recoup the cost of their services through improved business performance.
  5. Ensure you are structured way to effectively reduce tax and protect your assets.
  6. Make sure you’re taking full advantage of potential tax deductions to reduce your tax liability.
  7. Keep you informed about changing tax laws, as well as opportunities to improve your business and past performance trends.
  8. Act as a sounding board for new ventures and investments.
  9. Help you translate financials for management decisions.
  10. Save you time, and allow you to focus your attention on the things you are good at.


To ensure you are getting the full range of benefits from your accountant, you need to consider them as an asset to your business, and not just an additional expense. Keep them involved and informed about your changing business. By doing these, you will find them providing a significant return on their fee.


It’s essential that you choose the right accountant to improve your businesses chances of success.  Don’t be afraid to question potential accountants as to why you should use them?  What will they do for you?


How to choose the right accounting firm for you