Justin trekking for youth mental health

Cape to Cape 2023 — Zero 2 Hero

On 28 February to 3 March 2023, Justin is trekking 135 km for the Cape To Cape to raise money for youth mental health and suicide prevention.

I am sure everyone has (or had an adolescent) in their family or circle of friends that has needed assistance for mental health. Being a father of three teenage daughters we see firsthand the challenges young people endure with the impact of social media (and the FOMO that platform creates) and the pressure of working out where they fit in society that is forever changing.

To educate and empower our youth through programmes and open discussion about how they can achieve better outcomes for themselves, and their friends is worth everything, as a community we need to do what we can to make sure that education and support is available for all of our youth and particularly the vulnerable and in need.

All the money raised from this 5-day adventure is going to help a WA-based charity zero2hero (https://www.zero2hero.com.au/).

Zero 2 Hero host crucial school programs and initiatives for our kids to give them the tools they need to better their mental health and well-being and provide safe spaces for them to talk about it. One in four young people that you know are currently experiencing a mental health problem, so if you’d like to help me get behind this cause, any amount of donation is welcome.

My target to raise funds is set at $2,000 but please help me smash this target – I’d love to get between $5,000 and $10,000.

Please donate here: Justin Flavel (cape2capetrek.com) I truly appreciate anything you can afford, it all makes a difference. If you cannot make a financial contribution, I know you will be with me on the journey.

I really appreciate your support and look forward to providing updates over the journey.

PS: If you want to join me on a walk over the next month as I prepare, just drop me a message and we will organise a day and time that suits.