Switching Accountants is Easy!



Over 60% of businesses are not happy with the service they receive from their accountant, yet every year they go back to them and pay their hard earned money for a poor service!  This always puzzles me.  You wouldn’t go to a restaurant again and again only to receive poor food and service.  So why do it with your accountant?

Not all accountants are the same and there are many great accountants about that will do more for you and your business than simply lodge your end of year tax return.  They can advise you on some great cloud technology that will simplify your business and create efficiencies, they can help you minimize the tax you pay, improve your cashflow and identify opportunities in your business.  But to get these sorts of benefits you need to look around and find an accountant who offers more than just basic compliance services.  Then you will find someone who can add value to your business and in most cases more than cover their fees with the cost savings and opportunities they identify.


Switching accountants is easy and free!


I believe that many business owners simply stay with their accountant do this as they think that it’s hard or expensive to make the switch from one accountant to another.  Others believe that their accounts are so complex and difficult that another accountant will not be able to pick them up and run with them.


Don’t be put off looking for a better service because you think your accounts are, numbers are what accountants do.  A good accountants can quickly and easily review your finances and have a pretty good idea about where you are at, then with a few questions about your goals and aspirations, will be able to immediately identify opportunities for you and your business.  So meet with a few accountants get them to give you a free business review and then see for yourself how easily they can interpret and improve your business numbers.


The actual process of switching accountants is easy and your new accountant will actually manage the process for you.  They simply right to your previous accountant expressing your desire to switch providers and request that they forward all your previous information over to them, from here your new accountant reviews it and then meets with you to discuss potential opportunities for improvement and to get to know you, your business and your goals.


It really is that easy.  You can choose to contact your accountant to notify them you are leaving if you feel you want to, but this is not essentials.


Some people worry that they may be stung with a big bill if they switch providers.  This is very rare, and should it happen your new provider can help advise you on whether the fees are justified.  Do not let this fear prevent you from finding a service that will support you better in achieving your goals.  Any fee can be offset against the improvement in your business you will achieve using your new accountant.


So don’t pay for a poor service, it could actually be costing you thousands in lost opportunities.


The only person you owe anything to is you and your family!


So don’t stick with an accountant out of loyalty.  Running a business is tough and if you are not getting the support you need it make thing harder, plus poor accounting can cost you thousands in additional tax liability and lost business opportunities.  This is money that could be for you and your family.


So make sure you get the best support and advise for your business.  I guarantee you will be pleased you did!  So if you are looking for an accountant to add value to your business give us a call today and we can catch up for a coffee and review your business.


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