ATO gives ‘green light’ to lodge

ATO’s Tax Filing Guidance for Simple Affairs

Timely Tips for Taxpayers and Key Information on Lodging Income Tax Returns

The ATO is giving taxpayers with simple affairs the ‘green light’ to lodge their annual income tax returns.

ATO Assistant Commissioner Tim Loh said that most taxpayers with simple affairs will find the information they need to lodge has now been pre-filled in their tax return.

Mr Loh also reminded taxpayers that some income may need to be manually added – for example, income from rental properties, some government payments or income from ‘side hustles’.

As taxpayers prepare to lodge, they should keep ‘Tim’s Tax Time Tips’ in mind:

  • Include all income: If a taxpayer picked up some extra work, e.g., through online activities, the sharing economy, interest from investments, etc, they will need to include this in their tax return;
  • Assess circumstances that occurred this year: If a taxpayer’s job or circumstances have changed this year, it is important they reflect this in their claims;
  • Records, records, records: To claim a deduction for a work-related expense, taxpayers must have a record to prove it.
  • Wait for notice of assessment: Taxpayers should wait for their notice of assessment before making plans for how they will use any expected tax refund this year;
  • Stay alert to scams: The ATO would never send taxpayers a link to log into the ATO’s online services or ask them to send personal information via social media, email or SMS.

The ATO advises that, when taxpayers lodge their own return, the due date for payment is 21 November, regardless of when they lodge, but If they use a registered agent, their due date can be much later.

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