Taxpayer unsuccessful in having excess contributions reallocated

AAT Decision on Excess Concessional Contributions Tax

Taxpayer’s Liability Upheld for Contributions Exceeding Cap Despite Lack of Employer Agreement

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (‘AAT’) recently held that a taxpayer was liable to pay excess concessional contributions tax in relation to contributions made on his behalf by his employer.

In the 2021 income year, the taxpayer’s employer made concessional super contributions to his super fund totalling $31,737, which resulted in the taxpayer exceeding his concessional contributions cap for the 2021 year by $6,737.

The AAT upheld the ATO’s decision not to exercise its discretion to reallocate the excess contributions to another year, on the basis that there were no ‘special circumstances’ under the relevant legislation that would allow the ATO to do so.

The AAT noted that “The difficulty for the (taxpayer) is that he accepts that there was never any certainty around when his employer would pay contributions into his super fund and that there was no written agreement or even a verbal agreement that set out the timing of the payments into his super fund.  As such it was not unusual for his employer to pay the (taxpayer’s) concessional contributions into his super fund at differing times.”

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