Loan Amortisation important in Forecasting

Omnis Group offers loan amortisation in forecasting

Now it’s easy to try different loan configurations to see the impact this will have on your forecast.

Recording loans in your forecast is essential for preparing accurate and meaningful cash forecasts, however, it can be a time-consuming exercise and prone to error.

Using loan amortisation we simply enter the loan details, perform the calculations and record all the relevant information in the forecast for you.

Lean on Omnis Group’s expertise to save you time as we calculate the interest and principal repayments and then journal these to the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Forecast.

If you are preparing a forecast to obtain financing, use scenarios to show the impact of varying levels of loan repayments or different loan terms. We can help you achieve an outcome that is realistic and manageable.

Save time, ensure accuracy and make better decisions with loan amortisation and Omnis Group in Perth. Call us on 08 9380 3555 today.