From the desk of the Managing Director, Justin Flavel

What a year it’s been for Omnis Group!

From exciting results in our first ever $1M Challenge to overhauling our internal business processes, the team has not stood still for a moment which is why I’m delighted to pen my thoughts here on the year that has been, as well as the year to come.

Streamlined HR engages team and aligns thinking on business objectives

We really became strong on the human resources (HR) front to ensure we all knew what was required of us and what our key targets are. We invested a lot of time and effort using an external resource as this initiative was not inside our box.

The outcome has been significant and, I believe, a similar approach can apply in your own business.

Through that process we had different conversations. When we look back, the things that perhaps made us feel uncomfortable helped us most to progress by dealing with the elephants in the room.

Yes, we had tough conversations, but even better outcomes and also much clarity around our people, which will help our business in the long run.

Focussing on the right things to grow our business was always the idea, but only achievable using the right tools. Omnis Group is a fan of the ‘one-page plan’.

Not only did that mean writing our one-page plan and referring back to it regularly, but actually understanding it along with our core values and setting themes around reaching our targets.

Spotlight on business performance

During our HR revamp, I got back what I call my ‘healthy discontent’ for the present and making sure Omnis Group is better than we ever were.

If we don’t set targets we know that we plod along and that affects performance. We also want our clients to do the same and be better than normal by being focused and understanding what you’re trying to achieve in your own business.

Without budgets and business targets we will just be plodding.

The key takeaway from what we did in 2017 was not only to set rigorous targets but to engage specialists who can help streamline any transformation a business may need to undertake. Taking time over the Christmas break is the perfect opportunity to think about how 2018 might look but then the hard work starts.

Omnis Group will be on hand for any business owners who want to breathe fresh life into their business with performance management and continual support, to review targets and find the numbers that sit behind them to optimise success as it can be difficult doing it alone.

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